• From the My Properties List, select the property to which the contact is linked to.
  • When on the Property Profile page, select the [Contacts] tab from the bottom row of tabs.

  • Press        in the top right hand corner of the app screen.
  • To add a Contact Profile Picture, click on the picture place holder to either take a picture of the contact or their proof of identity document (using your device’s camera).
  • Enter all the required information (Type of contact, Name, Email address, Phone number)

  • Press      in the top right hand corner to save
  • The added contact will now show up in the list of contacts presented in the [Contacts] tab.


  • To edit a contact’s information, select the contact from the List of Contacts to open the Edit Contact page.
  • Once on the Edit Contact page, edit the details by selecting the respective input field and change the information accordingly.
  • You can edit the Contact Profile Picture by clicking on it and then selecting an alternative picture from your device’s gallery or by taking a picture using your device’s camera.
  • Press    in the top right hand corner to save.


  • You can delete a contact from the Edit Contact page (see HOW TO EDIT A CONTACT) by clicking on the red      button.