• Select the property you wish to inspect from the My Properties List.
  • When on the Property Profile page, select the    tab from the bottom right hand corner .
  • Select the type of inspection you would like to carry out:
    • Check In
    • Inspection
    • Check Out


  • The inspection report will show a list of all the rooms
  • Should you need to add a room, press    in the top right hand corner.
  • Selecting a room by pressing anywhere on the row will open up the list of inventory items in that particular room.
  • There are 2 ways to record the condition of a specific inventory item:
    • Quick Tick – For most items which are in good condition and good cleanliness
      • Place your finger at the right hand side edge of the item row and swipe to the left.
      • This will reveal a    button. By pressing this button, the condition and cleanliness of the item will be set to [GOOD] without any further photographs or notes being recorded.

    • Full inspection – For items where a detailed record of condition and cleanliness including photographic evidence and additional notes is required
      • Select an item by pressing anywhere in the row
      • On the inspection screen:
        1. Score the condition
        2. Score the cleanliness
        3. Add a photograph(s) to help you support your scoring
        4. Add a note (by either typing or using the voice to text input)
      • Press     in the top right hand corner to save

  • Should you need to add an inventory items, press    in the top right hand corner.
  • Once you have named the ‘new’ inventory item, carry out a full inspection as per above .
  • Once you have finished scoring all the items that you wish to within a room  press    in the top right hand corner to save.
  • Select another room to inspect and repeat.

  • Once all the respective rooms have been completed press    to take you to the signing page.
  • On the signing page, select the name of the person who will be signing.

  • Sign in the designated area.
  • To add multiple signatures, press    in the top right hand corner.
  • Once all signatures have been collected, press    to generate the report.
  • To generate the report, your device will need to be synchronised online. This can either be done on location or when your return to your office.